Is the Twilight Zone Real or Imagined?

This article from Tiny Buddha got me to thinking about the choices we make in day to day life and how we think about those choices.

What or where is your comfort zone?

In what situation would you be most uncomfortable?

Would you throw caution to the wind, risking the last bastion of self-confidence you possess, to hop out of your comfort zone and into the Land of the Unknown?

Would there be a consequence?  Maybe.  But, the consequence is only imagined.  It is not manifested.  It is not real.

What would be the benefit?  I’m willing to bet there would be more than one benefit in taking that leap of faith.  Yes, let’s be fair, the benefits, too, are just imagined.

So, which do you imagine most strongly?  The consequences or the benefits?

If we choose consequences, does that mean we are inherently negative thinkers?

Contrarily, if we choose benefits, does that mean we are inherently positive thinkers?

Personally (and sadly), up to now, I have been a negative thinker.  Which explains why I have [always] been reluctant to take a chance on something that might propel me into my imagined Twilight Zone.  When I think back to all the times in my life that I’ve had an opportunity to take a leap of faith and didn’t, I want to kick myself.

Oh ye of little faith……

Fast forward to the present.

This blog is just one leap of faith I am taking.  I am “lettin’ it all hang out” here, in the webosphere, for everyone to see.

And I’m happy about it.

I now find myself able to imagine the positive benefits of moving forward.  To me, the worst consequence of not taking that leap of faith is the consequence of stagnation.  Never growing as person, never realizing a dream, never feeling accomplished, always settling.

I don’t believe for one minute that God wants us to live that way.  He gave us talents and a brain to use to our full potential.  When we don’t, we let Him down.

Not an option, at least not for me.

Obviously, any leap of faith you take should not be harmful to you or anyone else.  Use discretion (use that brain God gave you).

Onward and upward…..

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