Back in the Saddle Again

It’s been quite some time since my last post.

But now I’m “back in the saddle again”.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and reading and, I think, growing in strength and confidence as a person.  My faith grows stronger every day as well, without which I would not be progressing in my pursuit to sincerely enjoy life as it is, regardless of all the challenges and trials before me.

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We all make decisions which have consequences.  Everything we say or do has consequences.  That’s how life works.  Even now, I am still living with the consequences of decisions I made many years ago.

I bet you are too.

I’m not suggesting that all consequences are bad.  On the contrary.  When we make good, sound decisions, there are usually good, joyful consequences to follow.  However, with good consequences comes responsibility.  We have a duty to see those good consequences as learning tools so we can continue making sound decisions in the future.

Think about it.  How did you arrive at that decision?  Did you think long and hard about your dilemma before pulling the trigger?  Did you take into consideration how your decision might affect others? Did you get advice or do some research on the issue before coming to your conclusion?  Did you pray about it?

It’s how we handle those negative consequences that define our path of either progress or destruction.  Once we act on a decision, we can’t take it back.  It is what it is.  We live with our choices.  We can bask in self pity, blaming others or God for our demise.  We can perpetuate our sadness (or fear or depression) by sticking to the “status quo” when making our next decision.  We can seek the company of others in the same or similar situations who also moan and groan and further our misery.  We can become self destructive and hide from our failure by self medicating with alcohol or drugs or sex, or even food.

Or, we can pick ourselves up, admit our error, and start working to correct the path upon which we have found ourselves.

How do we do that?

We all have different ways of thinking, different beliefs, and there are so many resources from which we can get help.  The point is, don’t give up!  Reach out!  Reach out to positive influences, whether that be a clergy member, a trusted nonjudgmental friend or family member, or a medical or  behavioral professional.  Learn from your mistakes, however painful and hard it might be.  Just get help.  You are not alone!

As for me, I have found my greatest source of hope and strength. Through the love of God and the redeeming power of His Son, Jesus Christ, I am living in the light instead of the dark.  Nothing in my life is perfect but I don’t allow that fact to keep me from the happiness I deserve now and the promise of an even happier future.

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