What the Creative Soul Wants

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

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(photo courtesy of bdfjade.com)

If you’re a writer, or even aspire to be a writer, what is it that your creative soul responds to?  What triggers that creative prowess deep within your heart?

If my creativity is lacking and refusing to come out of it’s hiding place, I listen to music.

So, let me ask you.

Have you ever given thought to what you are doing when your creativity is at its best?  Can you describe your environment at that very moment?  How’s the lighting?  Is it completely quiet?  Is there the chaos of conversation, like in your favorite coffee shop?  Is it warm?  Cool?  How do the colors surrounding you affect your momentum?

These are important things to make note of.  If you know what environment enhances and strengthens your creativity the most, then the combination of all those things culminate into your “sweet spot” – the place where you are most productive and inventive.

Let’s look at music as an example.  If your sweet spot includes music, what kind of music?  Rock & Roll, classical, jazz, country?  If Rock & Roll gets your creative juices flowing, what happens if you change tunes and listen to Bach or Beethoven instead?  Are you still creative, just in a different way?  Or does a different genre of music send you into a tailspin of inactivity and anxiety and total frustration?

If I’m not writing in total silence, I’m listening to this guy.  His music leads my mind to slide into a pool of ideas and thoughts and dreams.  Words seem to just appear in the forefront of my mind, giving rhythm and cohesiveness to sentences and paragraphs.  It’s like being in a trance of sorts, where time doesn’t exist and my fingers glide across the keyboard without stopping until that particular thought or vision is finished.

A few of my faves from this album alone are:  Song for Sienna, Crimson Sky, and The Garden Gate.  All beautiful songs.

There are other composers who are just as talented and whose music can also move me.  But I developed an affinity with this artist a good while back and he’s like a friend I’ve never met who speaks to my heart with his music.

Give it a try……


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