Ode to a Dear Friend

Many many years ago, I embarked upon a journey with a new found friend.  Little did I know that this friendship would span 2 decades.


This was my first Louis V piece.  When I saw her, it was love at first sight.   She was the perfect size and style for me.  Of course, the iconic LV color and design were exactly what  my heart desired as well.  Her style has long since been retired and I cannot remember the name given to her.

Through the years, she has been there for me – when I’ve cried, when I’ve lost my temper, when I’ve laughed til my sides hurt.  She’s been to China, Aruba, Las Vegas, Disney World, and countless other destinations with me.   By my side, literally, sharing in every possible life experience imaginable, she has been there with me.

She is a part of me.

Sadly, it is time to retire my dear friend.  After all these years she has grown weary with tears in her seams and cracks in her leather.  I cannot bear to make her suffer any longer.

I have decided to give her a place of honor in my bedroom, placed gently and regally inside a shadow box frame, forever remaining close to my heart.

Yes, I know this may sound silly to many, but when you’ve appreciated something so strongly and for so long, you become very attached and very sentimental.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.  You are forever loved.


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