I’m Susan and welcome to “born a WORDSMITH”.

I am a mother of 2 wildly talented and creative individuals, both of whom are grown,  who give my life perspective.  Without their love and support, I would not be embarking on this adventure right now.

So, here are a few tidbits about me…

To my children’s embarrassment, I like to dance and sing around the house.  They hate it, which is probably why I do it, LOL!   I love to laugh and joke around, play games, and spending quality time with my kids.

I am also a hopeless romantic who probably expects too much from the opposite sex.  I still believe in holding hands, the sexiness of a secret wink, unexpected stolen kisses that take your breath away, and heartfelt sincere tokens of appreciation.

Alas, my love life is without nuance at the moment….

Being outdoors relaxes me and helps me clear my mind, organize my thoughts, and come back to the writing table with renewed vigor and motivation.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  I was the geek in high school who actually enjoyed the reading and writing assignments in English Comp.  I like reading the classics, like Wuthering Heights (see?  hopeless romantic) and Animal Farm and The Giver.  In contrast, I also like more contemporary works, like the Harry Potter Series and the Artemis Fowl series (by Eoin Colfer).

Writing was/is my destiny.

I am a WORDSMITH – and proud of it.

Originally I started this blog as a sort of therapy for myself.  I needed a way to intricately and intimately explore every layer of my being to finally find out who I am and what I’m about.  I needed to remove the chains that, for years, held me back from knowing my true self, from being who I am meant to be, and from reaching the success for which I am destined.

It’s a painful process.  It’s a scary process.  I am exposing my soul, stripping it naked, for all the world to see.  I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.  No doubt I will probably shock some folks that know me as well!

But I know it will all be worth it, and not just for me, but for others who may also be struggling with similar or identical conflict.

As you read each post, maybe you can see yourself in these same scenarios, or maybe you know of someone, a loved one, who could benefit from my revelations.

With the divine guidance and courage from God the Father and Jesus Christ, I will not be alone in my travels through this journey of healing and renewal.  The love and support of my 2 amazing children, close family members, and close friends is comforting and energizing as well.

I encourage those who empathize with my story to seek help and support from whomever you trust, whether spiritual, professional, or otherwise, and know that you are not alone.





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