What I Didn’t Know I Was Missing

Today, I witnessed a beautiful thing between a husband and wife.  He acknowledged her publicly as amazing, wonderful, strong, and loving.  Fighting through his emotions, he pledged his love and respect for this woman.  There was no question that he truly, and with all his heart, loved and adored his wife. Here come my own … Continue reading What I Didn’t Know I Was Missing


When “Alone” Doesn’t Really Mean You’re Alone

  I do a lot of things by myself. Recently, I went by myself to a concert.  It felt like everyone was looking at me like they wanted to say "Oh, that poor lonely woman." I get it.  I would probably look at me the same way too. But....I want everyone to know that I'm … Continue reading When “Alone” Doesn’t Really Mean You’re Alone

How Powerful a Blessing

  Like everyone else, my life isn't exactly all sunshine and roses.  I don't know anyone who doesn't wish some part of their life was different. Rather recently, I reached a not-so-healthy place in my emotional life.  So much so, that I felt like I was having a nervous break down of sorts.  While not … Continue reading How Powerful a Blessing

Ode to a Dear Friend

Many many years ago, I embarked upon a journey with a new found friend.  Little did I know that this friendship would span 2 decades. This was my first Louis V piece.  When I saw her, it was love at first sight.   She was the perfect size and style for me.  Of course, the … Continue reading Ode to a Dear Friend

What the Creative Soul Wants

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato (photo courtesy of bdfjade.com) If you're a writer, or even aspire to be a writer, what is it that your creative soul responds to?  What triggers that creative prowess deep within your heart? If my … Continue reading What the Creative Soul Wants

The Truth Is In The Details

"You need to not only have a story that feels like it has legs on its own but also you need to have the ability to write that story well." This is a powerful statement to a writer of fact or fiction.  Is there anything more true? When I first started this blog, I thought … Continue reading The Truth Is In The Details

Weekly Loves – 3.13.18

Every LV lover's must have cosmetic bag. I mean, even our skin care products and makeup deserve the best. Right? I have this exact diffuser and I love it! At this very moment, I am using Orange essential oil. I won't bore you with all the benefits of essential oils but I highly recommend one … Continue reading Weekly Loves – 3.13.18


What is home to you?  Not where, but what? Yes, it's where you lay your head at night.  Yes, it's where you raise your kids and cook and socialize and play and fight and, well, live. But what is your definition of "home"?  What feelings are conjured up inside when you really think of "home"? … Continue reading Home

Back in the Saddle Again

It's been quite some time since my last post. But now I'm "back in the saddle again". I've been doing a lot of reflecting and reading and, I think, growing in strength and confidence as a person.  My faith grows stronger every day as well, without which I would not be progressing in my pursuit … Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again

My Loves

I LOVE this bracelet from Alex and Ani! (And it goes oh so well with my obsession!) I'm telling my age here. When I was just a little girl, I saw this movie for the first time.  I have loved it ever since!  It's a musical.  It's done SO very well.  Still one of my … Continue reading My Loves