Why I named my dog Louis


*photo from pixabay.com

It’s true.  This is my baby Louis.  

He’s not with us anymore, but oh what a wonderful friend he was!  His official name was “Awesome Louis V”.  He was a Japanese Chin and the smartest, funniest, best behaved dog I’ve ever known.  I carry a lock of his fur in my LV purse every day.  I miss him so much, and he’ll always be in my heart.

About my obsession:

I can’t help myself.

This is the ONLY designer brand I’m totally obsessive over.  It’s the best, hands down in my book.  It goes with everything, anytime, anywhere.  The quality is second to none in my opinion.

And LV exudes luxury.

So, forgive me if, from time to time, I regale you with my obsession.

Currently, I own four pieces of this fabulous product.  In fact, my “go to” handbag (also my first piece) needs some TLC because I have carried it for so long.  The strap is starting to tear in one little place on one side and there are a few cracks in the leather on the front flap.  I’ll get it repaired eventually, or I may just retire it (have it framed??) and buy something totally new.

That’s not to say that I don’t like other designer brands or non-designer brands.  There’s room for everyone in my closet and drawers.  I try to live as minimalistic as possible, and for the most part I do.  So, I’m very choosy about what I buy if I’m willing to splurge.  I want good to high quality, realistic function, timeless style, neutral color, and just the right size.  It’s a girls prerogative, you know.

And, after all, I am worth it….

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