Were YOU born a Wordsmith?


Actually, the image at the top of this post says it all –

  • If you are a wordsmith, you are more than likely

  • A writer, although you may not know it yet, and as a writer you are considered

  • A Word Wizard – using words to cast a spell of intrigue over the reader

I have known since my teen years that words were my friends.  Within words, I find my solace and my true self.  It doesn’t matter what genre I read – fiction, biography, business articles – when I read, I learn.

How does one learn by reading fiction you ask?

Ah, that is where the wordsmith in me comes to life.  I may not be learning anything factual or relatively informative, but I am learning writing style, suspense building, character creation, narrative, etc., etc., etc.  All the crucial elements that culminate into a work of word-art.

Math never did that for me.  I’m terrible at math, always have been, always will be.  Math is evil to me.  (No offense to those of you who do well at math and love it!)

Word wizardry, to me, is the ability to string together just the right words to instill strong emotions, or take the reader to another place and time.   Think of a book you’ve read that did that for you.

Heck, the Harry Potter series alone did that for many of us.

Another trait of a wordsmith is critiquing and mentally or even physically correcting another’s prose.  You just can’t help yourself.  That sentence needs to be rewritten – that word needs to be spelled correctly – the tenses are conflicting – these are things that jump out at you no matter what you are reading.  I find myself doing this “editor extraordinaire” stuff just perusing Facebook!  (Read this funny yet valuable guest post by “The Magic Violinist” at positivewriter.com).

If you determine that you, too, were born a wordsmith, let the world know, and start doing what you love.


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