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What is home to you?  Not where, but what?

Yes, it’s where you lay your head at night.  Yes, it’s where you raise your kids and cook and socialize and play and fight and, well, live.

But what is your definition of “home”?  What feelings are conjured up inside when you really think of “home”?  Contentment?  Peace?  Love?  Warmth?  Security?  I’m not talking about home as in a “building”.

Keep in mind, “home” doesn’t necessarily have to be a building.  It can be a place in your heart where you feel content and safe and accepted.  

I have discovered that my “home” is when I’m somewhere else.

Take this past Sunday for instance.  As I sat in church (it was Stake Conference weekend) I had an epiphany, a revelation of sorts.

I let my eyes float over the congregation as I listened to each speaker, taking notes as they spoke.  And what my eyes saw made my heart swell with joy.  Families, lots of them, filled the huge room, and the realization of the importance of family in my faith hit me like a gale force wind.  And I could feel the love, not just between the family members themselves, but the sincere love that everyone in the church has for one another.  When someone in my church says “I love you” they mean it!  Diversity is welcomed, everyone is accepted.  It’s humbling and powerful.

Each speaker had a testimony to share.  Now, let’s be honest, not everyone is a “presidential” speaker.  But everyone is invited to share their testimony at one time or another.  The ardent sincerity flowing from the mouth every speaker was unmistakable.  Unbridled emotion carried their message to every ear and every heart.  Confidence and conviction was not lost on the speaker nor was it missed by even one church member.

I think what I’m trying to say is that, for me, home is where I find truth and I find my truth in my church.  Truth brings me all the good things I mentioned above: peace, contentment, security, warmth, love, joy, etc.


And sitting there among my fellow church members, I realized that I was HOME.

We each have own idea of what home is.  I hope you find your “home”, wherever and whatever that may be to you.

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